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The first time I have ever tried Jetsurf was in 2018 at Jefsuracademy. I have competed for the first time in 2019 at MSWC, where I’ve gone through the entire series. I love jetsurf, I think it’s the most sexy sport for women where it’s really a combination of adrenaline, speed and team work while while coverred in the petrol fumes. Who wouldn’t like that!? I am a proud mom of 2 boys, who today comepete in Jetsurfs as well. I have tried many other sports, I used to downhill ski, but Jetsurf is simply more fun for me. I certainly prefer to gear up in a swim suit over the ski suit. Warm weather, beautiful seas and oceans and sunshine beaming donw on me is definitely more enticing than playing in a snow. I can hardly wait for the new 2020 season to open. I am really looking forward to start training along with my team friends again and have some fun with that, eventhough nothing can beat the rush while competing in a race.

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