The Light bag and its collection were specifically designed for those who prefer low weight and compact option to carry and transport their boards to their local spot without the need of a wheel system and with appropriate level of protection when hard handling is unlikely to occur.

Light bag collection was designed to offer medium level of protection to take your gear from where you live to local spot, or anywhere else, while there is no risk of tough handling along the way.


Without any wheel system or rigid chassis, the bag is designed to be carried by handlegrabs on all 4 sides, or well-padded and comfortable, able to hide, shoulder belts to carry the bag as a standard back-pack. In addition, 2 external compression belts can be used for carriage or attachment of other external gear.


No presence of rigid wheel chassis, 8 mm thick elastic foam protection on all 4 sides and durable Cordura fabric included, the Light bag is very low weight and compact to store when not used, can be rolled into a small size shape. Internal compression belts keep gear tight at all times.


Numerous numbers of pockets, Airflow system, low weight, compatibility and medium protection make this bag and its collection a great partner for those favorite trips to local spots!

1 190,00€Price



*accessories may differ for each collection, please check product info