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No need for board cover or bag on a way to the beach? If you prefer to carry just the board with you and some basic equipment, then this Board harness carrier is just perfect for you! Light, compact and easy to use carry around solution!


Comfortably padded and shaped shoulder belts, back support, chest and hip tightening make carry of the heavy board easy even for long distance walk. Board can be carried even with complete fin set mounted to the board’s tail.


Can be combined with using the collection included Light Neoprene cover, Protector set or Stand cover! Also included net pocket can be attached for light items carriage, such as swim suit, towels and other necessary gear.


It is necessary to use the collection included Protector set mounted to the board when carrying the board or manipulating with the harness, otherwise serious injuries to user (board drop on fingers) or to the board may happen due to very sharp edges of protected parts of the board

It is important to properly set and adjust the compression belts of the harness to well fit the board and lock it in place, so it does not fall out or move in the harness when carried




*accessories may differ for each collection, please check product info

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